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Bouley Staff Botches Customer's Wedding Proposal

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A reader alerts Eater to a humorous review on the Yelp page for David Bouley's fine dining palace, Bouley. A gentleman was planning to propose to his girlfriend on the night of their meal, and when the host asked if this was a special occasion, he indicated that yes, he was going to pop the-question after dinner. Things went smoothly — incredible food, perfect atmosphere, smooth service — until the desserts came out:

The waitress brought us out a creme brulee with the word "Congratulations!" written on the top...which would have been nice...except for the fact that I HADN'T PROPOSED YET!!!. Really?!? I mean, isn't that one of those things you make absolutely sure of before doing?!?! Act like you've been there before, all the waitress had to do was look on my girlfriend's finger to see there was no ring there yet!!! UNBELIEVABLE. Totally amateur hour, and very disappointing for such a high end place. I don't know whose fault it was (the person who took down my reservation, the maitre d' that night, the waitress) - but any one of them could have used some basic hospitality 101 skills to recognize the delicacy of the situation and the importance of getting it correct.
The customer explained the matter to the maitre d', who remarked that he had been told it was an engagement dinner. No comped food, no apology.
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