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R-Rated Sexual Harassment Suit Filed Against Cavo

Today, Eater receives paperwork about a sexual harassment lawsuit filed between Mandalyn M. Devagno, Cavo Restaurant in Astoria, manager Toni (last name unknown), and owner Tommy Demaris from attorney Maimon Kirschenbaum. Devagno was a server employed at Cavo from August 2010 until last February, where both Toni and Demaris were present nearly every night of service supervising employees. The list of allegations against Demaris and manager Toni include a lack of payment for tips and hours worked along with some scandalous sexual abuse charges. Here are a few of the really R-rated accusations:

· Defendant Demaris routinely told Plaintiff that he "wanted" her and regularly subjected her to unwelcome sexual grabbing.
· Plaintiff was required to wear a short, black dress while performing her job. On several occasions, Defendant Demaris forcefully put his hands under Plaintiff's dress.
· On several occasions around January 2011, Defendant Demaris put his hand on Plaintiff's groin and grabbed Plaintiff's hand to place it on his own groin.

· On one occasion, Defendant Demaris unzipped his pants and removed his penis in front of the plaintiff. Defendant Demaris then told the Plaintiff to touch his penis.
· Toni (manager) routinely told Plaintiff that he could fire her.
· On or around January 2012, Toni told Plaintiff he was feeling upset, and the could help him feel better by rubbing his body...Toni chased Plaintiff, admonishing her not to walk away from him. Toni then touched Plaintiff's back, and said, "Let's flip a coin. Heads, I do whatever you want. Tails, you do whatever I want."

Check out the full official document here:

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