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Ma Peche Unveils Three Brand New Large Format Meals

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Beef Seven Ways is long gone, but Ma Peche just introduced three brand new large format meals. As rumored, chef Paul Carmichael's feasts are based around lamb and chicken. The chicken meal includes two whole fried chickens with rice, vegetable sides, bread, salad, pickles, chutney, and two sauces. The lamb meal features one whole smoked lamb shoulder with the same sides, and there's also an option to get both lamb and chicken together.

The chicken meal is $175 for four to eight people; the lamb dinner is $325 for six to 10 people; and the chicken/lamb combo is $450 for 10 to 12 people. Reservations are now being accepted online for all three meals, for both lunch and dinner. Check out the sample menu below, and expect a brand new dinner menu in the coming weeks.

whole fried chicken // smoked lamb shoulder
eggplant – egg, sour cream, olive oil
chickpea – tahini, lemon, falafel
iceberg – ranch, chicken skin, scallion
wheat berry – cucumber, red onion, parsley
yellow rice
tomato chutney
white sauce
red sauce
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