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Reach for Soave in NYC

This May, experience the complexity of Soave wines. Perfect for the fast-approaching warmer months, Soave wines are delicate whites made from a blend of the region’s native variety, Garganega (making up at least 70% of the total blend), which lends a floral, nutty aroma and a rich mouthfeel, and the Trebbiano di Soave variety, whose liveliness adds vibrant acidity to the blend.

Extremely versatile on the palate, their complexity and minerality are the perfect complement to a dozen oysters or a plate of shellfish. Complex, yet easy drinking, Soave has everything that the average Pinot Grigio lacks.

The multifaceted yet delicate white wines from Italy’s famous Soave region are being featured at retailers throughout NYC in May. Ask your local wine shop or see a full list of participating venues at