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Charlie Sheen Nudie Sushi Room Closed for Good

Earlier this week, news of a cease and desist letter issuing from Charlie Sheen's legal camp against Cheetah's Gentlemen's Club broke via The Post. The private space, a VIP room which used Sheen's name without his permission, was covered with photos of the failed sitcom star and acted as a spot where guests could eat sushi off of naked strippers for $250. After legal reps threatened to sue for millions of dollars, owner Sam Zherka fired back with zero intention of shutting down the operation.

Today, the Charlie Sheen VIP naked sushi suite is no more. TMZ writes that the actor's legal team is still not pleased: "The club’s ongoing efforts to attract media attention by using Charlie Sheen’s name and mischaracterizing the nature of his legal claims are more blatant attempts to promote the club by wrongfully exploiting my client’s publicity rights without his consent." Zherka issued a release today about the closing of the sushi den, inviting members of the press "to see and sample 'body sushi' by Cheetahs' dancers" as a kind of homage to the "fun-loving actor."
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Cheetah's Gentleman's Club

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