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Oysters, Chocolate, Love at Eater Dating On the X

Tuesday night marked the second event in our Eater Dating series at Má Pêche. This one was an intimate affair, as a small group of guests enjoyed a 3-course prix fixe dinner with drink pairings 'on the X' (the X-shaped communal table in the middle of Má Pêche's dining room). Highlights included oysters with Thai basil mignonette; dorade with hot sauce, fennel and lime; carrots with coconut, curry and new Mexican chile; and chocolate with coconut, coffee and Thai basil to round out the meal.

Sorry you missed this delicious fete? Eater Dating events at Má Pêche will be a monthly affair, so stay tuned. The details of our next event on June 5th will be announced at the end of May. How can you prepare in the meantime? Start by joining Eater Dating today. Then it’s just portion control and lots of water.