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Community Uproar Puts Bungalow 8 On Hold

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There's trouble in comeback land, as the return of Bungalow 8 is on hold after the community complained to the SLA that the license applicants had duped them. Apparently LDV Hospitality owners John Meadows and Curt Huegel has come to Community Board 4 seeking their recommendation for a license at the former XL space, only saying that their food and nightlife concept did not have a name.

Now CB 4 is having a meltdown over Bungalow 8 the "gastropub and lifestyle concept" going into the space, and has demanded that the owners agree to ban bottle service and hire more security for a club they assume will become just as popular as the original. Even board member Paul Seres, who is a club owner himself and the head of New York Nightlife Association doesn't believe that Bungalow 8 would become a gastropub, although this is the same board that was convinced that Avenue wasn't going to be a nightclub!

Based on these complaints, the SLA has taken what seems to be an extraordinary step in putting Bungalow's already approved license on hold before the club even opens and making the owners go back to the Community Board to try and work this problem out. A meeting last night did not result in any progress whatsoever, with the LDV owners refusing to budge and give in to any of the board's demands.

While it's tough to imagine this project not going forward after all of the money that has already been spent, it may take a few weeks longer than anyone thought.
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Bungalow 8

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