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Cake Shop Owners Seeking More Money to Stay Open

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When the seven year-old performance space the Cake Shop needed $10,000 to pay off some fines in a hurry last month, they asked its wealthy customers or fans for a bridge loan. Luckily one or more stepped up to the plate to save the day. But Cake Shop hasn't made it through all of the rough waters and is once again reaching out to its customers to help save the day.

The venue has created a PledgeMusic site and is seeking to raise another large chunk of money to pay for "some financial hurdles that all compounded over the past 3 months (including new Real Estate Tax to landlord, added security costs and changes to the forms of ID we are allowed to accept) have caused serious potential of losing our space."But unlike last month's loan, these donations will not be paid back but will be rewarded instead with various perks.

There are 19 different levels of donations available on the Cake Shop page. Every pledge gets you a Cake Shop mixtape with some exclusives, and some of the good value or more interesting ones are:

· $50 for 10 well drinks, beers or drip coffee drinks. $5 a drink is not a bad deal these days.
· $200 gets you on the guest list for every show at Cake Shop for six months. They offer shows seven nights a week, so if you love live music and have time, deal!
· $750 will give you tickets to all four secret shows that Cake Shop will be booking with a promise that the some acts that got their start at Cake Shop (MGMT, Vampire Weekend etc) will be willing to return. Risky with high reward.
· $20,000 gets you free drinks for life, which if our math is correct, would basically pay off if you drank $100 worth of booze at the bar every week for four straights years. It's risky because that would mean going to Cake Shop for 200 straight weeks in a row to hang out, and there is a question if the place will stay open long enough for your "investment" to pan out.
They are only 16% of the way to their goal so far (estimated at about $50,000). Check out the options and the owners explanation as to why they want your money in this nifty video.
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Cake Shop

152 Ludlow Street New York, NY 10002

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