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'21' Club Manager is Victim of Hit and Run in Astoria

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'21' Club manager Michael E. Jenkins was hit by a car in Astoria this past Sunday while riding his bike. The hit and run has left Jenkins hospitalized with both broken bones and internal injuries. An email sent by the manager to his staff details the accident, where Jenkins was thrown 20 feet upon impact.

Some of the injuries sustained from the accident include a broken clavicle (right upper shoulder area) which will require surgery, a sprained right wrist, and a broken left one. The broken wrist may also require surgery. In spite of all the damage, Jenkins seems to be in high spirits, and encouraged staff and friends to come visit. He also plans to be back at the '21' Club soon, saying "I look forward to returning to work in the near term, working with each of you and becoming a contributing member of the '21' Club family." Jenkins is currently at the Mt. Sinai Emergency Clinic awaiting surgery which is slated for early July.
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