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Satirical BK Restaurant Menus Found at Googa Mooga

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All that waiting around in the heat with no food may have been worth the trouble if it meant getting one of these ridiculous fake menus an unknown person was handing out at hyped up food fest The Great Googa Mooga this weekend. The menus are labeled: "FUDS: A journey in food-taste from mouth to toilet, traveling the ultimate expanse of the Greeko-Japo Pan-American dining experiences," and list an email address as "," and phone "706-FUDS-4-ME."

Menu categories include: "Assistants, Flavored Wets, Food Greats, Stringers, Sweet Concluders, and Tiny Terds." Dishes include "half Bill Clinton sandwich with malonies," the "Pocaloquitos-style meat saucers: forced into a cheddar coffin, served over a pile of bones (no good)," and "Tuxed Stringers: dressed up in a leafy sage corsage, leather shoes, socks (Gold Toe), hair gel, and comb." Sounds like someone's been to Do or Dine.
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