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Expanded Plaza Food Hall Opens With No. 7 Sub, Luke's

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Today a larger section under the Plaza hotel, still named the Plaza Food Hall, will open its doors to the public, reports the Times. The popularity of the Todd English Food Hall brought major expansion over the last year, with the lower concourse food hall almost doubling in size.

Now the space will open another section, boasting 20 additional kiosks from brands and shops around the city. Some additions include Luke's Lobster, Tartinery, and No. 7 Sub, all of which will be offered alongside more expensive items, like a $75 cake from Lady M. Tyler Kord, the owner of No. 7, was a bit hesitant to be included at first, saying: “We were surprised to be first I thought it was a joke.” Some other new vendors include Billy’s Bakery, Pain d’Avignon, Sushi of Gari, Three Tarts, William Greenberg Desserts, and YoArt frozen yogurt. The new space will also offer some counter space and a 75-seat communal area.
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Luke's Lobster

93 East 7th Street, New York, NY 10009 (212) 387-8487 Visit Website

Sushi of Gari

402 E 78th Street, New York, NY 10075 212-517-5340

Plaza Food Hall

1 West 59th St., New York, NY