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Superfly Offering Full ExtraMooga Refunds

Today, the organizers of epic foodie clusterfuck the Great GoogaMooga announce that they are going to offer full refunds to the people who bought tickets for the fest's premium experience, the ExtraMooga. So, if you purchased one of those special $250 tickets, expect an e-mail from Superfly Productions later today.

A lot of people complained that there simply wasn't a lot of food to eat in the ExtraMooga area, which is a big problem at a food festival. When Eater spoke with organizer Rick Farman earlier this week, he noted that they were discussing how to deal with these guests. And today, Superfly partner Jon Mayers explains:

We are offering a 100 percent refund to anyone who attended ExtraMooga: the full ticket price, credit card fees—everything...Our intentions were to do something great. We were definitely ambitious. But we also wanted to do something top notch. We did not deliver on the promise we made for the ExtraMooga, and that’s why we’re going to make it right.
This is a smart move on Superfly's behalf. Eater hears that about 1,000 tickets were sold, so the company could potentially be giving back $250,000. Expect much more food for the big spenders at next year's fest.
UPDATE: Superfly just posted full instructions on how to get your ExtraMooga refund.
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The Great GoogaMooga

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