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As Beef Prices Rise, Chang Drops 'Beef Seven Ways'

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David Chang recently sat down for an interview with Bloomberg to talk about the ever-growing prices of food, particularly pork and beef. The reigning king of the Momofuku empire rattles off numbers about the rising costs of meat, citing that within the last ten years a rib-eye that once cost around $58 for a fine dining restaurant at wholesale would now be more like $120 - $140. It appears that even McDonalds can't keep up, having raised the 99 cent cheeseburger in price after a 20 year run. With the mega-chain having trouble, the ruler of the Momo-kingdom asks, "how can't I?"

These price hikes can be seen across both the Ssam Bar and the Ma Peche menus. Ssam Bar is using more off-cuts of meat and being more frugal than usual, and its once pork-centric menu has also become much more duck-heavy recently. And at Ma Peche, the special "beef seven ways" meal is no more. There are plans for a new large format dinner which will begin around June 1. A tipster reports that lamb and chicken would be the stars, but this was not confirmed by the restaurant. Conveniently, this change also comes with the revamping and release of the more American-inspired menu at Ma Peche.
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