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Markowitz Sides With Hipsters in Brooklyn Brunch War

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Last month, members of Brooklyn's CB1 tried to get the city to enforce an obscure rule banning sidewalk seating on Sunday morning. The idea here is that place like Lokal and Five Leaves in Greenpoint attract big crowds during the brunch rush, and that makes it hard for people to walk to church.

The owners of the targeted restaurants have been collecting signatures from customers to support their outdoor seating rights, and today the Brooklyn Paper reports that Borough President Marty Markowitz is on their side. Marty's endorsement:

Having brunch on the sidewalks of Brooklyn is, in many ways, an extension of sitting on our stoops — a community experience that allows us to people watch, get to know our neighbors, and enjoy the weather and fresh air — especially during the summer...Although the law is the law, perhaps the City Council could take a second look at this one...
For now, places like Enid's and Lokal are complying with the rules, but hopefully someday soon, Greenpoint hipsters will be able to sip mimosas outside on Sunday morning without any hassle from the authorities.
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Five Leaves

18 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, NY