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Friend House, Out of the Kitchen, Panda NY Shutter

Welcome to the Friday shutter report. Know of a restaurant that has met its demise? Let us know.
2012_friend_house_ev_grieve_12.jpg1) East Village: EV Grieve notes that Third Avenue pan-Asian restaurant Friend House closed recently. There's a marshal's note on the door and there are "for rent" signs in the window. The restaurant had a few run-ins with the DOH over its two and a half years in business. [EV Grieve]

2) West Village: Hudson Street cafe and bakery Out of the Kitchen quietly closed earlier this month. The restaurant was something of a go-to lunch spot for workers in the Saatchi and Saatchi building down the block. Neighbors think that a high end restaurant will move into the corner space. [DNA Info]

3) Chinatown: Bowery Boogie reports that the original location of mini-chain Grand Sichuan closed a few weeks ago. Apparently, some renovation work is being done on the building, and the restaurant's outgoing message notes that it will return at the “end of October.” [Bowery Boogie]

4) Lower East Side: Chrystie Street club/art gallery Panda NY appears to be down for the count. The phone line is disconnected, the shutter has been down for weeks, and there's an eviction notice on the door. [Bowery Boogie]
[Photo: EV Grieve]

Friend House

99 Third Ave., New York, NY 10003