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The Early Word on the Experimental Cocktail Club

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Three weeks ago, the first U.S. location of Romée de Goriainoff's Parisian hit the Experimental Cocktail Club opened on the Lower East Side. The bar serves an inventive menu of drinks from mixologist Nicolas de Soto, and so far it has garnered plenty of early praise. Here's a roundup of what patrons are saying about the crowd, cocktails, and scene at the Experimental Cocktail Club:

The It's-Better-In-Paris News: One Yelper deems the ECC good, but not great: "Drinks are well made, but it's another sceney sort of place that brings in certain types of crowd. The Paris version is much better! But still good, another new place to go." [Yelp]

The Pretty Good News: One eGulleter likes what he sees: "My first cocktail [was] called Black Heart, from Joseph Akhavan at La Conserverie in Paris, and it's made of Buffalo Trace bourbon, Cynar, Luxardo Maraschino, a touch of French Roast Coffee, Bitterman's Boston Bittahs, a Laphroaig rinse and orange oils. A real winner, balanced as can be...Nicolas' drinks are pretty complex, lots of infusions, but as I said above, balanced and delicious." [eGullet]

The Pro Tip News: Foursquare users have a few tips for making the most out of the ECC experience. One advises readers: "This place is beautiful! Great atmosphere. Try the Jack O Lantern if you like flips." Says another: "Make reservations if you want to sit at a table, or just cozy up to the bar. Try the Curious Prescription - it's basically a spicy margarita." [Foursquare]

The Bang for Your Buck News: Another Yelp user laments the prices and potency of the drinks: "We can appreciate cocktails that lack substantial alcohol content as long as they're tasty. However, with heavy competition in the LES where the drinks are boozy and yet still balanced to near-perfection, it is hard to recommend this gorgeous-looking Parisian offshoot to cocktail snobs. Also with their menus inaccurately citing the price of the Kinkakuji at $14 when they charge $15 for the drink, perhaps it is best to postpone your ECC visit 'til they recover from jet-lag." [Yelp]

The Way Too Weak News: Blogger Chubby Chinese Girl is disappointed: "Service was attentive and friendly. The drinks however, didn’t live up to the hype. Don’t get me wrong, they were quite smooth and tasty, but very very light." [Chubby Chinese Girl]

The Solid Bet News: One Yelper acknowledges the steep price tag, but thinks the ECC is worth it: "For the types of drinks they sling and the attention to detail involved in curating a delectable glass of firewater, their prices are pretty standard at around $14-$16 per drink. Of the many desirable-sounding libations, I settled on Kelpie's Julep with cocoa nib infused Great King Street Blend Scotch, homemade pepper syrup, muddled mint, and wormwood bitters. Certainly a lot going on in that Champagne saucer-esqe glass, but a pleasure to my palate nonetheless." [Yelp]
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— Alison Herman

Experimental Cocktail Club

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The Experimental Cocktail Club

191 Chrystie St., New York, NY