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Bourdain, Ripert, and Sifton Roast GQ's Alan Richman

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Yesterday evening, friends, ex-wives, food journalists, and some of the city's best chefs gathered at Le Bernardin to talk about how cheap Alan Richman is. To celebrate the restaurant writer's 25 years at GQ, the magazine put together a swanky roast with a lineup of speakers that included Daniel Boulud, Eric Ripert, David Chang, Anthony Bourdain, and former New York Times critics Sam Sifton and Frank Bruni. Eater National has a rundown of the 25 best one-liners from the night, including this zinger from Eric Ripert: "When I say you're smart, I mean, come on: this guy grabbed the ass of a waitress at a diner and then won the fucking James Beard award." Do take a minute to read all the jokes.
· The 25 Best Lines From GQ's Roast of Alan Richman [Eater National]

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