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Inga, Not a Pop-Up, Now Open at 141 Chrystie Street

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Over the past few years, several clubs have opened and closed at 141 Chrystie Street. Bowery Boogie tallies off that first there was Club Mystique which attracted the "bridge and tunnel crowd," then there was 141 Chrystie which didn't last, and now the newest inhabitant is Inga. The three-story concept comes from club kid and party-designer Travis Bass and the crew behind Madame Wong's. Thrillist writes that the name Inga is a nod to the back room parties that Bass threw at the old White Slab Palace space on Delancey Street.

The new Inga attempts to channel an older, more raw NY party scene of the past, with a different vibe on each level. On the first, there is a sultry, pink-hued dance floor with a DJ booth and raised V.I.P. area, there's karaoke on the second, and on the third, "rooms so private, you may 'only hear about' some of them." There are also plans to open a rooftop bar and host barbecues for continued outdoor partying in June. It all sounds quite risque, and very, very smokey.

Pop-up party master Travis recently sat down for an interview with Guest of a Guest, where he talked about his newest retro-glam venture, which is not a pop-up, and spoke about the party scene he knows and loves so well. When asked what the people at Inga are like, he said: " ideal crowd is a mix of all types of people. This is why we live in New York. Because it’s a melting pot of all types of people coming together."
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141 Chrystie St., New York, NY