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Is Mickey Mantle's Slated to Become Brasserie Pushkin?

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Last night, troubled sports bar Mickey Mantle's successfully raised $71,000, allowing the restaurant to remain open for two more weeks, reports New York 1. The farewell affair turned into a celebration when the original partner, Bill Liederman, returned to raise the needed funds to keep the 25-year-old space at 42 Central Park South afloat. The spot is not off the chopping block yet, as owners still owe $400,000 in back taxes.

It appears that celebrations may have been preemptive, especially with news breaking today via the NY Post that the owner of opulent Russian restaurant Brasserie Pushkin is interested in purchasing the space. Apparently, the owner Andrey Dellos of the newly opened Brasserie Pushkin on 41 West 57 Street also has plans to open a more price friendly branch somewhere on West 14th Street.

The problem at the core of the matter is of course money. Mantle's has not paid rent in four months due to decreased sales, and the landlord Atco is not at all pleased. Atco boss Dale Hemmerdinger wants the restaurant gone by the end of May. This seemed likely, until Liederman returned to the picture with plans to raise $1 million to save his beloved restaurant. Current owner Chris Villano also plans to bring a $71,000 check to Bankruptcy Court, in hopes of extending the time to raise enough money to pay off the back rent. For now, there is no word from anyone, as Atco, Villano, and reps from Pushkin declined questions from The Post.
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Brasserie Pushkin

41 W 57th Street, New York, NY 10019 212 465 2400

Mickey Mantle's Restaurant & Sports Bar

42 Central Park South, New York, NY