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Handsome Dan's, ZirZamin, Sweetleaf, and More Open

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1) Williamsburg: Grub Street notes that Handsome Dan's Stand, an artisanal "snocone" shop, is now open in Williamsburg's Mini Mall. Owner Daniel Levin (Formerly of Blackbird Parlor) is offering snocone flavors like earl grey, thyme, and chili passion fruit. Levin has also stocked the shop with a slew of nostalgic candies including Ring Pops, Pixie Sticks and Malo Cups. Handsome Dan's is open from noon to 10 p.m. on weekdays, and from noon to 11 p.m. on the weekend. Status: Certified Open; 218 Bedford Avenue, (410) 241-3472.

2) Crown Heights: The Black Tree Sandwich Shop is now open in the Crown Inn Bar. Owners Mac and Sandy are focusing on locally sourced, seasonal ingredients to create sandwiches like the smoked duck banh mi (house-smoked duck and duck liver mousse with pickles and duck cracklins) and the bulgogi (pear jus-braised short rib with spicy pear jam and spinach). Status: Certified Open; 724 Franklin Avenue, (818) 585-0506.

3) East Village: EV Grieve reports that Hole Foods, a new pop-up from The Hole Gallery, is now operating in the space that formerly housed The Meatball Factory. Designed by artist Joe Grillo of the collective Dearraindrop, the restaurant hopes to offer "the complete vision of an artist customizing all the components of the restaurant to make a unique dining experience." Grillo has even designed a customized chef suit and hat for the executive chef, Robert Rubba. Status: Certified Open; 231 2nd Avenue, (212) 260 8015.

4) Williamsburg: The owners of LIC's Sweetleaf opened their second coffee shop today on Kent Avenue in Williamsburg. The New York Times learns that the new location will serve espresso from San Francisco's Ritual Coffee Roasters which is rarely offered on the East Coast. They will also brew coffee from Stumptown Coffee Roasters and Heart Coffee Roasters of Portland. Status: Certified Open; 135 Kent Avenue, no telephone.

5) Greenwich Village: As noted last week, Bar Henry on Houston has transformed into ZirZamin, a subterranean music parlor with "Austin inspired munchies." Menu items include chile con queso, a burger, and breakfast tacos which are available all night. The venue is open from 5:30 p.m. to 3 a.m. seven days a week. Status: Certified Open; 90 W. Houston, 1 (646) 823-9617.
— Hannah Leighton
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Handsome Dan's Stand

218 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY