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Neighbors Fight Against Osteria Morini Expansion

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Michael White wants to add 45 seats to Osteria Morini by moving into the vacant space next door, but the neighbors aren't having any part of it. DNAInfo learns that the CB 2 recently voted against a zoning request that would allow the restaurant to expand. As it stands, that space can only be used as "manufacturing space or joint living-work quarters for artists."

Notorious NIMBY Georgette Fleischer is leading the charge against Morini. At the meeting, she presented a petition against the move that had 200 signatures on it. Ms. Fleischer notes: "We already have five out of eight buildings [on the block] licensed for eating and drinking...How could it possibly be in the public interest to make it six out of eight?"

The final decision on the Morini expansion will be made at the May 24 CB 2 meeting. Last fall, White told Eater that he wanted to build a PDR in the space, and use part of it as a show room for a new line of luxury kitchens he's working on.
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