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Unlock A Pizza Week Portal with Eater Pizza Game

Pizza Week is about to enter a new dimension. For Eater's first ever Pizza Week, we chose to go beyond the pie-related coverage by pizza-bombing friends and readers with surprise pies from some of New York's best pizzerias. And now there's a way for everyone to join the real world antics: Say hello to Eater Pizza Game.

How it works: Eater operatives have hidden, in plain sight, the die-cut Eater E seen in the photo at right on a wall of a Manhattan pizzeria. The first person to find the E, photograph it in its native environment, and email us a photo ( of the E plus the name and address of the pizzeria at which it was found, will win Pizza Game. The prize is free dinner and drinks for four at Michael White's East Village pizzeria Nicoletta when it opens in June. They won't be taking reservations, so it is sure to be a primo table.

While playing pizza game, be sure to tweet intel to @eaterny to help everyone narrow down the search. Good luck out there.
* Standard Curbed Network contest rules apply. Tax and gratuity not included.