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LDV Buys Bungalow 8 Brand, Amy Sacco Consulting

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When Amy Sacco leaked word that Bungalow 8 was about to reopen in New York soon, rumors started flying that the location was one that LDV Hospitality had recently acquired, possibly for another Scott Conant project. But how did it all fit together?

Eater learns that LDV has actually acquired the Bungalow 8 brand outright, and the company plans to roll it out nationwide with multiple concepts and products. As rumored, first up is the grand re-opening of Bungalow 8 in Chelsea, right smack between the Maritime and Dream Downtown hotels and their various restaurants and nightclubs, including the soon to open Tao Downtown. In a statement, an LDV partner tells Eater that this relaunched Bungalow 8 will be a gastropub, and that it will serve dinner with a menu by LDV chef Anthony Russo. It will close daily at 4 a.m., with a launch date slated for early June.

A rep for the new gastropub says that LDV has retained Amy Sacco as a consultant for the project, and that she will stay on board during the launch and early months and then work with the new owners to "develop and grow the iconic Bungalow 8 brand," which will include "a series of related lifestyle products and venues." Related lifestyle products hopefully means Bungalow 8 the perfume and maybe a denim line, but a rep says it actually means items like candles and playing cards. Even better! LDV has been focusing on brand expansion in the last year, especially in Atlantic City where the group recently opened three new venues at Revel.

As for Sacco, it seems that she found a way to profit from keeping the brand alive for so long after the flame went out in New York. It will be interesting to see how involved she is going forward - our hunch is she winds up playing a limited role in the company going forward, showing up at openings and product launches etc.. Eater has asked Sacco for comment on her new role, but have yet to hear back.
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Bungalow 8

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