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LaFrieda Not Happy About Wendy's 'Black Label Burger'

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Earlier this year, Wendy's started testing a new menu item in select markets outside of NYC called the "Black Label Burger." This dish of course shares the same name of the famous $26 burger at Minetta Tavern, which is made with a fancy-pants special beef blend produced by star butcher Pat LaFrieda. Now the Post reports that LaFrieda sent the fast food chain a cease-and-desist letter over the name of the sandwich.

A source for Wendy's says that "our lawyers are talking to their lawyers," and notes that the chain might decide to scrap the sandwich after the test period. BTW: Pat's new, long-in-the-works TV show 'Meat Men' debuts tonight on The Food Network (the timing of the Page Six story is probably just a total, random coincidence). "Suing Wendy's" was not on the list of sample plotlines, but maybe they're saving that for Season 2.
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