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Acclaimed Pastry Chef Shuna Lydon OUT at Peels

Today, pastry chef Shuna Lydon announces her departure from William Tigertt and Taavo Somer's Bowery hot spot Peels via a rambling beat-poetry blog post. Feel free to read the whole thing if you've got the time (it includes pastoral photos of the seaside), but here's the essential bit:

I proceed, as Peels recedes. I am proud of all I conceived, built, produced, organized, systemized, learned, celebrated, conjured, inspired, taught, realized. I built a bakery. Whether the owners/investors re-shape or remove it, or do what they need to do to insure the space makes them the monies they need to reconcile their bottom line, I remain proud of that which I bore from nothing more than a hope, a wish, desire, a love of baking so strong I have no words to describe it.
Lydon's creations at Peels were unusual and always delicious, so hopefully she'll find a place for them somewhere else. Last year, Lydon was one of the semifinalists for the James Beard Award for Outstanding Pastry Chef.
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[Photo: Eggbeater]


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