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Social Eatz Overhauls Menu, Design, and Bar Program

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Angelo Sosa sends word that he recently revamped his one-year-old Midtown restaurant Social Eatz to include a brand new, slightly more refined menu of Asian-influenced comfort foods. The bibimbap burger is still on the menu, but now there are also things like cured tuna "pastrami," homemade ramen, broiled salmon with a pineapple donjang glaze, Korean fried chicken, steak frites, and chicken liver mousse with brioche and Asian pickles.

Other notable details: the burgers and sandwiches are now listed under "between bread," and the bubble lettering and apostrophe Zs of the former menu have been axed in favor of elegant typeface and flowery artwork.

Sosa also says that he's changed up the decor, and that Apothéke-vet Orson Salicetti will start working on the bar program next week. Take a look at the new, somewhat fancy-pants Social Eatz menu below.

Social Eatz Dinner Menu1
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Social Eatz

232 East 53rd Street, New York, NY