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Bungalow 8 Finds New Space, Will Open In May

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Has Bungalow 8 finally found a new place to call home? Amy Sacco herself told the New York Post of the planned return a few days ago, saying she had found a space but wasn't willing to say where. Word started flying through the Twitterverse today that Sacco had signed a lease on W. 16th Street in the former XL space, right next to Ph-D and the Electric Room at the Dream Downtown, and a few steps away from the soon to open Tao Downtown. But a reliable tipster tells Eater that they would be surprised if that was the case because there "hasn't been construction going on there," and Sacco says that she will be opening soon.

The space is about to receive a new liquor license by way of the LDV Hospitality Group (Scarpetta), which led to rumors that Scott Conant would be opening a new restaurant, something he denied. Wherever Sacco lands, it seems worthwhile to ask: What exactly is she coming back to?

New York's nightlife scene is quite different than when Amy Sacco last reigned supreme, in a Sex and the City era before cell phones and social media were so important in club land. After years of launching Bungalow outposts in Europe, Sacco is seeking to come back and reopen an old brand in what is an extremely oversaturated club market at the moment. Most challenging will be rediscovering a clientele, since the market segment that is going out now most likely never went to Bungalow in its heyday (2005-2007) and certainly never went to Lot 61.

It would seem like a better play to open up under a new brand name, but Sacco and her team are banking on nostalgia to help get the money spending customers and her bold named friends in the door. It is going to be interesting to see how this one shakes out.
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Bungalow 8

357 W. 16th Street, New York, NY

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