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The Nomad Takes Its Rooftop Dining Room for a Spin

Over the weekend, The Nomad's proprietor Will Guidara tweeted this photo of a linen-covered table with the note: "First dinner on the Nomad roof, with plenty of wine... Here we go!" So, that's a big table. It looks like it could fit every member of the Wu-Tang clan, plus most of their entourage. And in addition to this indoor space, the roof also features an outdoor area, and that gold-covered Cupola. Snuggies may be a part of the equation, but there's no photographic evidence just yet.

The Nomad team hasn't made an official announcement about what they're going to do on the roof (Hashtag: #TROTN), but expect something more than just a private dining area. If you've got any clues as to just what the heck they're building up there, you know where to send those tips.
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The NoMad Rooftop

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The Nomad

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