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GoogaMooga Music Lineup; Lunch at Super Linda

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FOOD FESTS — You've heard about all the restaurants, wine makers, food personalities, and somewhat famous people that will attend two-day food and music fest The Great GoogaMooga. And today, the organizers of the fest finally announce the music lineup. It includes soft rock duo extraordinaire Hall & Oates and also a few hip artists like Holy Ghost! and Escort. [The Great GoogaMooga]

TRIBECASuper Linda is now serving lunch Monday through Friday. The menu includes tacos, tortas, salads, soups, and a few big plates like a skirt steak and grilled prawns. [EaterWire]

LOWER EAST SIDEVeterans of The Standard Grill and Franny's are opening a restaurant specializing in the cuisine of the Yunnan region of China called Yunnan Kitchen. It's slated to debut in the next week or so. [Grub Street]

CENTRAL PARKThe Times learns that Rouge Tomate debuted a new cart today, specializing in gourmet food to go, like a buffalo burger and an African-spiced chicken sandwich. The cart also serves pastries and desserts. [DJ]

MEATPACKING DISTRICTThe Standard Hotel is introducing a coffee bar next week that will sell La Colombe coffee and teas, as well as pastries prepared by The Standard Grill's pastry chef. It will be located in the front plaza of the hotel. [EaterWire]

Super Linda

109 W Broadway, New York, NY 10013

Super Linda

109 W Broadway, New York, NY