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BREAKING: Gowanus Yacht Club Open NOW

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On Eater's list spring rituals, right after the ramp cleanse and tax day, you'll find "drinking in the strangely pleasant concrete lot next to a bagel shop." Right on schedule, today marks the official 2012 opening of Carroll Gardens al fresco juggernaut the Gowanus Yacht Club.

New for this year are four additional beers on tap — right now the bar is serving relative rarities Goose Island IPA and Greenport Summer Ale. (Fear not, the "two cans for five bucks" deal still holds.) An augmented food program is set to debut in the next few weeks, including $1 oysters on Tuesdays, grilled clams, and finally, the "grilled eggplant hoagie with basil ricotta," a sandwich which if actually ever served at GYC would surely open up some sort of rift in space-time.
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Gowanus Yacht Club

323 Smith Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231 (718) 246-1321 Visit Website