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Workers Sue Nello Balan Over Wage Violations

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Eight employees at pricey Upper East Side retaurant Nello are suing owner Nello Balan for violating state labor laws, The Daily News reports.

The suit alleges that Balan failed to pay them tips and overtime pay, and that in some cases, employees waited more than five weeks to get paid. The Post adds that Balan makes his workers eat their lunch in 15 minutes, but docks them a full hour of pay. And if you think the food served to regular customers is awful, just imagine what the staff meal is like. Balan remarked that he had no knowledge of the suit, but said he'd look into it.

Back in 2009, workers filed a class action suit at Balan, which alleged that tips from the restaurant were "diverted" to family members, and non-restaurant employees. That one was settled out of court for $100,000.
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