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Vegetarian Favorite Kate's Joint Seized by Marshal

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There's going to be a lot of pissed off vegetarians in the East Village tonight: EV Grieve reports that troubled neighborhood restaurant Kate's Joint is now closed, with a marshal's possession note taped do the door.

A little over a month ago, news broke that the 16-year-old restaurant was asking for donations to stay afloat (they originally wanted $30,000, and only raised less than $5,000). Then a week later, owner Kate Halpern hinted that she might add meat to the menu to appeal to a larger crowd. It sounds like Halpern wasn't able to raise enough money to pay the landlord. There's still no word yet on whether she'll try and get it back open, or just call it quits for good.
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[Photo: Kate Book]

Kate's Joint

58 Avenue B, New York, NY

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