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UES Favorite William Greenberg Desserts on Mad Men

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One of New York's favorite old-timer bakeries got a shout-out on last night's episode of Mad Men. When Don and his wife Megan get to the suburban house of Pete and Trudy Campbell, they present them with a red tin of brownies from William Greenberg Desserts. When he sees the tin, Pete says, "Tweety, look what they brought? Doesn’t it make you homesick?" Opened 1946, William Greenberg Desserts is perhaps most famous for its black and white cookies, but the brownies are another signature creation.

The bakery once had two locations on the Upper East Side, but now there's just one at 1100 Madison Avenue. A 1959 Times article about the bakery notes:

Mr. Greenberg also is making a specialty of baked goods that can be kept for some time. These items are ideal for taking to the country for the week-end....the shop's brownies, made with rich dark chocolate and pecans, can be held in the refrigerator ten days and in the freezer indefinitely. Four dozen cost $5.85.
So, of course the brownies would be the perfect thing for the Drapers to take to the country. And Pete even references the fact that they keep well in the fridge when he says, "Can we put them in the ice box? Can everyone try it my way?” Here's the clip:

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William Greenberg Desserts

1100 Madison Avenue, New York. NY

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