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Lakeside Lounge to Close at the End of April

Sad news from Alphabet City, as the neighborhood is about to lose the popular Lakeside Lounge at the end of this month. The bar, which also doubled as a live music venue, has been open since 1997 and hosted many a band that went on to some degree of success. According to New York Music Daily (which broke the news), the space is apparently going to be replaced "by a gentrifier whiskey joint, no doubt with $19 artisanal cocktails and hedge fund nebbishes trying to pick up on sorostitutes when their boyfriends are puking in the bathroom – or out of it."

As for Lakeside's photo booth, the owner (and Alphabet City resident) is hoping to find another bar in the neighborhood that may be interested in having an old timey photo booth in their establishment. Lakeside will be hosting shows for the next few weeks up until its last night on April 30.
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Lakeside Lounge

162 Ave. B, New York, NY,