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Chin Chin Harassment Suit Notes 'Phallic Dumplings'

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The Post reports that a former employee at Chin Chin filed a sexual harassment suit against the owners of the famed Midtown Chinese restaurant. There are some ugly details here — the woman claims that she was groped and teased by her co-workers, and she notes that the kitchen staff screened porn films every Sunday "without exception." The former bartender also says that the workers would play around with the dumplings, putting them "in their crotch areas making it look like they had big penises," and that "employees would with no hesitation prepare food to be served to the customers from the very same dumplings that they used to make penises.”

Owner Jimmy Chin (who hasn't taken a sick day in 44 years), says that these allegations are “ridiculous nonsense.” On a lighter note, the suit also alleges that Chin once bragged about overcharging Puff Daddy for a broken bathroom mirror, and that he once seated Mariah Carey in the PDR because she was "high on drugs."
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