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Pok Pok NY, Andy Ricker's Brooklyn Thai Restaurant

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[Krieger, 04/11/12]

Next week, acclaimed Portland chef Andy Ricker will open Pok Pok NY, his first sit-down restaurant in NYC. Including the bar, the space seats about 25 guests, but there are plans for outdoor seating sometime soon. Ricker will be serving a menu of traditional Thai food here, similar to what's offered at his Portland restaurants — the chef recently mentioned dishes like sweet and sour game hen and minced catfish salad. Ricker is obsessed with nailing the flavors and preparations of traditional Thai cuisine, so this promises to be a real treat for fans of Thai food. The restaurant, which is located in Brooklyn's Columbia Street Waterfront District, is slated to open to the public on Monday.
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Pok Pok NY
127 Columbia Street

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Pok Pok Ny

117 Columbia Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231 (718) 923-9322 Visit Website

Pok Pok NY

127 Columbia Street, Brooklyn, NY