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Get Ai Fiori's LaFrieda Burger Delivered to Your Door

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To coincide with the premiere of the new Pat LaFrieda reality show, Meat Men, the star butcher teamed up with Urban Daddy for a special offer, pictured above. For just $85, you can get eight of the exclusive "White Label Burger" patties that he created for Michael White's Ai Fiori delivered to your door. As the promo notes, "White has two Michelin stars under his belt, but this is the first burger he’s ever offered."

So just to recap: you can only get a "Black Label Burger" at Minetta Tavern (accept no Burger King imitations). But the "White Label Burger" is available at Ai Fiori, or by mail-order (for a limited time only, for $85, if you're an Urban Daddy member).
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