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Romera to Close After Service Tomorrow Night


Turns out it's a little too late to Deathwatch Romera. Reservationists there confirm that the incredibly ambitious restaurant, the most talked about opening of 2011, is closing after service tomorrow. Spanish import Dr. Miguel Sanchez Romera had a hard time selling New Yorkers on his aggressively priced, eccentric, precious (though often delicious) menu exhibiting his "nuerogastronomy," and the reviews from the city's critics didn't help things any. Even after he lowered prices and dropped a number of his "ingredient driven waters" in November the writing was on the wall, and last week rumors started swirling that Dream Hotel owner Vikram Chatwal was approaching other big time New York chefs to take over his underpopulated basement space.

Fans, hit it up tonight or tomorrow. Everyone else, stay tuned to see what takes Romera's place.

The official closing statement:

It is with great sadness that we announce the closing of Romera. We are so very proud that we have been able to present the cuisine of Dr. Miguel Sanchez Romera to New York and we thank those who have shared our vision. Over the last six months we have been able to expose many people to the food and philosophy of Dr. Romera, and it certainly captured the attention of New Yorkers.

Dr. Romera himself has often said that New York is the backbone of many cultures and his cuisine celebrates the diversity of the New York palate. He is grateful that he had the chance to explore what New York has to offer and touch so many people. Dr. Romera does not close the door on New York, he still believes it is the culinary capital of the world, and he will continue on his path to educate and expose diners to neuro-gastronomy and his collection of flavors.

Hampshire Hotels and Dream Hotels are committed to Dr. Romera's vision and believe that there is a future iteration of his concepts that will find a place in coming developments.
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