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New York Wine Distributors Whining Over Proposed Law

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New York wine wholesalers are up in arms over proposed legislation that would require all wine to be stored for at least 48 hours in New York state before it can be distributed to customers. The "At-Rest" amendment to the State Budget is currently being reviewed in the New York State Senate, and small distributors believe that the new laws are the work of Southern Wine & Spirits and Empire Merchants, the state's two biggest wine dealers. Why would they want this? According to wine dealer David Bowler, the big two already have extensive storage space in the state and know that their competition usually have their facilities in New Jersey, where space is cheaper and is close to ports. Merchants believe that passage of the "At-Rest" bill could increase the cost of bottles by at least $5, and they are urging customers to contact their State Senators to let them know they are opposed.

· New York Declares War On Wine [HuffPo]

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