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Sample Plot Lines from LaFrieda Reality Show 'Meat Men'

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Yesterday, news broke that 'Meat Men,' a new reality show following famous New York butcher Pat LaFrieda and his business partners and family members would air next month on the Food Network. Today, the network sent out the official press release announcement, complete with the plot synopses of the first shows. How does one dramatize the work of a meat purveyor? With just a little imagination. Here are some excerpts from the release:

· "Chef White has won numerous Michelin stars for his Italian cuisine, but this is his very first burger. The pressure is on and it’s up to Pat to work his meat magic."

· "Pat’s worst fears come true – one of his butchers suffers a serious injury."

· "They only get one shot to impress the 'Godfather of Steak,' Buzz Beler."

· "Pat and Mark go to Miami to drum up new business. They have arranged to meet with two of the hottest chefs in town, Michael Schwartz and Michelle Bernstein; this is Mark’s chance to shine as the ultimate salesman."

· "LaFrieda Meats gets on average $6,000 worth of parking tickets each week! Pat Sr. is fed up and decides to fight City Hall."

· "Chefs Mario Carbone and Rich Torrisi want a classic Italian sausage for their new restaurant Parm. Pat is thrilled for the chance to recreate his grandfather’s sausage recipe, which they haven’t made in years. The only problem, there is no recipe to work off of."

· "Chef Franklin Becker from Abe and Arthur’s runs out of Porterhouse Steaks in the middle of service and calls Pat with a meat emergency. It’s a big order on any night but even harder to fill with dull knives. On top of that, Chef Alex Guarnaschelli calls in a last-minute order for 60 Tomahawk Steaks. 80,000 pounds of meat need to go out the doors tonight and the butchers have no knives. This is Pat’s worst nightmare!"
· LaFrieda Reality Show 'MeatMen' to Air on Food Network [~ENY~]

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