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A Look at the Plant Wall and Leather Stools of Atera

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[Krieger, 03/29/11]

What you see above is the small, but stylish dining room of Atera, the week-old restaurant that everyone in the food industry is buzzing about right now. The space formerly housed the ambitious but ill-fated Compose, which closed last summer. Although this new project has an open kitchen and a tasting menu-only format, just like Compose, the early word indicates that something very interesting is going on here, indeed. Chef Matthew Lightner earned raves at Portland's Castagna, and at Atera he is cooking a version of modernist cuisine that relies heavily on locally foraged herbs, grasses, and roots.

An average dinner will have 10 or more course, including a number of "snacks," and it will run you $150. The offerings change every night, but the Atera team sent over a list of a few of the dishes that were recently on the menu:

Crispy Sunchoke Skins
Foie Gras “Peanuts,”
Pickles Aioli Quail Eggs
Duck Stock Crackers

Ragout of Fish Cheeks with seaweed butter and heirloom garlic
Cured Scallops with meringue, frozen juice and gin mash
Grilled Leeks with wheat grass, raw apple and leek ash
BBQ Lamb Collar with sassafras, root beer and chicories

“Rock” of brownie butter dough filled with bergamot sorbet
Parsley Root Split with banana ice cream, homemade marshmallows, candied parsley root and freeze dried milk cake

For more on what to expect, check out one blogger's account of a recent meal.

77 Worth Street, Tribeca

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77 Worth Street, Manhattan, NY 10013 (212) 226-1444 Visit Website

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