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The Early Word on Two-Day-Old Hot Spot The Nomad

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On Monday night, Daniel Humm and Will Guidara unleashed their sexy beast The Nomad upon the innocent people of New York. It's got $22 carrots, foie gras-stuffed chicken for two, free booze hidden in books, an atrium, a library, several service carts, and bottle service for the big spenders. The message boards are filled with plenty of raves from people who attended the friends and family dinners, but here now is a rundown of what just the paying customers are saying about The Nomad:

The Mostly Great News: The blogger from NYC Tastes had dinner and drinks at Nomad on opening night: "The cocktail was superb but my bar snack of Sweetbreads Croustillant with Parsley was even better. This is a holdover I remember from Eleven Madison but somehow they tasted even better here. Rich creamy sweetbreads inside a salty, crunchy crepe- this may be the best $9 I've spent in 2012....For our main we ordered the Whole Roasted Chicken for two with Foie Gras, Black Truffle and Brioche. They presented the whole chicken to us first then plated it in the back. I have to be completely honest- this might be the best chicken I've had in my life. Look at the incredibly moist innards and crispy skin. There was something almost addictive about the black truffle sauce and foie gras. However I wasn't a huge fan of the dark meat in gravy." And the final takeaway: "Besides a little lag with our drink orders the service was pretty much perfect. My only disappointment of the night was that the Brooklyn Brewery 'Nomad le Poulet,' a beer made specifically for the NoMad to pair with the chicken, had not yet arrived to the restaurant. I silently cursed Garrett Oliver but it's also an excuse to come back again soon." [NYC Tastes]

The Great Design, Great Food News: The lone Yelp review is a big fan of the restaurant's design but also raves about one item on the bar menu: "As a interior design fan, I will say that the NoMad Restaurant is one of the most exciting and original hotel/restaurant space that I have seen in a long time. It has a very Parisian feel, but the space unfolds organically and seamlessly like the best examples of contemporary American architecture. The restaurant revolves around the Atrium (the main dining room) with separate rooms spoking out from this central space. The Bar is located in the back, with a well-edited selection of cocktails, spirits, and beer (bottle and draft) that have made appearances at Eleven Madison Park. The Lounge has a Victorian parlor feel, with low-top mahogany wood tables; crushed red velvet dominates the motif. There is a small Fireplace room that can comfortably sit a private party of 10-15 people. By far, my favorite room was The Library...I had several items from the bar menu. The most impressive dish was the plats du mer with scallop hache, king crab, uni, Beau Soleil oysters, and lobster claw with tarragon mayonaisse. Salmon rilletes and beef tartare rounded out the list of items, along with a sweetbread encased in a thin pastry, similar to a Filipino lumpia." [Yelp]

The First Night Excitement News: From an Eater commenter: "Just got back. Beautiful dining room. Gorgeous dark bar. Love the Nomad!" [Eater Comments]

The Dana Cowin News: The Editor of Food & Wine basically tweeted her entire meal last night, with photos. She remarked, "Exceptional fruits de mer @ daniel humm + will guidara's nomad: sea urchin, crab, scallops, lobster," and tweeted "Off the hook delicious egg w/crunchy + soft quinoa, brown butter sabayon w/sprightly lemon." Ms. Cowin also got a peek at the sexy roof top space, noting that "This cupola on the roof of NoMad hotel is sure to b the most sought after private dining room in nyc." [Twitter]

The Good Food, Weird Music News: The bloggers from Zagat checked it out on opening night. On the food: "All the food certainly hit the mark - perfectly seasoned, artfully presented - making a crab pasta that doesn't taste fishy is a feat in itself. Were the carrots worth actually $22? We enjoyed them thoroughly but even the crispy duck skin topping didn't make them as transcendent as we were hoping for." The music, is a different issue: "A mix of adult contempo - nothing that really sticks out in the memory/overwhelms the hum of conversation. Bill Withers' 'Lovely Day' was the only tune we remember hearing - mostly because we believe this song should not be played in a restaurant...ever." [Zagat]

The Great News:: A Chowhound commenter was more than satisfied: "I was really blown away! 'Fruit de Mer' was absolutely fantastic. It is composed of six small and delicious seafood appetizers like oyster, scallop, crab, lobster, hamachi, and sea urchin + caviar + apple gelee (sounds familiar, huh?). I also loved 'Foie Gras Torchon' with 'Tete de Cochon' in the middle. Chef Daniel's signature dish 'Suckling Pig' was perfect. I finished my meal with two desserts, 'Apple' and 'Milk & Honey', both of which were awesome. Service was friendly and flawless." [Chowhound]

The Fantastic News: One Chowhounder is a fan: "We went last night and had a phenomenal experience. First off: the FLATBREAD! Fresh, warm and loaded with onions. I love a good complimentary bread and this one was one of the best I've ever had. We didn't eat too heavy and got the beets and peas as our apps. Both were delicious. The beets had an amazing flavor and paired very nicely with the pears. The pea composition was different than I expected, sort of julienned (I think it's a chiffonade on the menu) and then studded with pancetta and cheese. For our mains, we split the pig (unreal, definitely a must order) and the carrots....a totally filling entree for being vegetarian and really tasty. We were too full for dessert, but I would like to go back and try the milk and honey dish. In terms of drinks: tried the non-alcoholic Orange Julius-type drink which has orange blossom water in it. Light and refreshing, reminds me of childhood. Service was fantastic, food was as amazing as I had hoped. We'll definitely go back." [Chowhound]

The FourSquare News: Just one tip, but it's a good one: "From snacks to dessert...the food, atmosphere and signature cocktails are orgasmic....a MUST GO!!" [Foursquare]

The Twitterific News: From @passportnyc on opening night: "Opening night at NoMad, NY. They've hit the ground running! Salmon Rillette, Suckling Pig, Snow Pea chiffonade with Pancetta." [Twitter]

NoMad Restaurant

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Eleven Madison Park

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The Nomad

1170 Broadway New York, NY 10001

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