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NYC Chefs Sign on for Pop-Up Restaurant/Art Installation

Acclaimed New York chefs including Sara Jenkins, Mark Ladner, Anita Lo, and Marco Canora have signed on to participate in a traveling restaurant pop-up and art installation that will debut in a yet to be named city this spring. The wacky, ambitious, delightful-sounding project is called Proyecto Paladar, named after the Spanish word that in many countries refers to a small, family-run restaurant (often run out of a home), and is the brainchild of artist/architect Craig Shillitto.

Once in the destination city, the ten New York City chefs will each be paired with a local chef and each team will cook on a designated night, serving six one-hour seatings with 12 diners at each seating. Per the project's abstract, "They will share techniques and recipes, and trade experiences and ideas. Visitors from abroad will be paired with resident citizens to share a meal and thereby become diner participants in the project."

According to the plans, as time goes on the dining areas will be decorated with photos from previous dinners (signed by the diners). Meanwhile, documentation of the entire project will be turned into a bilingual cookbook filled with the chefs' recipes, photos and drawings from the dinners, and "vignettes on a wide range of related topics like urban and organic farming, and local food markets and traditions of purveying."

Of course, that's if all goes well during the first installation. To help make sure that happens, consider attending a fundraiser for the project, taking place on April 3 at the Hudson Terrace. And in the meantime, peruse the full list of chefs:

Chefs confirmed to date include:
· Sara Jenkins, Porsena, Porchetta (Chef Director for the Project)
· Sisha Ortuzar, Riverpark
· Marco Canora, Hearth, Terroir
· Mark Ladner, Del Posto
· Anita Lo, Annisa
· Michael Paley, Proof on Main
· Tamara Reynolds, Unique Eats, Sunday Night Dinners
· Pierre Thiam, Le Grand Dakar
· Sue Torres, Suenos.
Update: Reps announce there's another big name chef invovled with pop-up, the very talented free agent Laurent Gras
Update: Unfortunately, Gras had to drop out.
· VALE TODO [EventBrite]