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Betto's Blues Brunch; Israeli Foods Stay at Food Co-op

TRIBECAThe Tribeca Citizen reports that Michael White's team met some resistance from the CB1 last night for their project The Butterfly. It seems that the board was concerned about the fact that the project had been originally presented as a restaurant, but the press makes it sound more like a bar. Apparently, the team said they stand by their original submission. [Tribeca Citizen]

WILLIAMSBURG — This Saturday, Betto is going to be hosting a "blues brunch" with live music from 1 PM - 4PM, and specialty cocktails including a pisco punch. [EaterWire]

PARK SLOPEMembers of the Park Slope Food Co-op voted against a proposition that would allow a vote on a ban all products made in Israel. The NYT has the full play-by-play of last night's meeting, and the Daily Show offers their own take on the situation. [NYT, TDS]

VIDEO INTERLUDEHere's a great music video from The Key of Awesome! that warns against the perils of tweeting before eating. A send up of Pet Shop Boys songs, it features "culinary paparazzi," a lobster and a cupcake posing like super models, and an unhappy ending. [Eater National]

WILLIAMSBURGThe Brooklyn Star is now offering a happy hour Monday through Friday from 4 PM - 7PM. During this time, you can get half-priced glasses of wine and Texas Lone Star bottles for $3. [EaterWire]

POP-UPS— Reps announce that the very talented and currently restaurant-less Laurent Gras is also on the roster with fellow chefs Sara Jenkins, Marco Canora, Mark Ladner, and Sue Torres in the traveling pop-up restaurant/art installation announced earlier today. Update: Unfortunately Gras had to drop out. [EaterWire]

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The Butterfly

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