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Albert Trummer's Theater Bar Looks Gone For Good

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It's been three months since Albert Trummer's Theater Bar closed for what the owners were calling "minor soundproofing issues," and there are no signs that the bar will be reopening. Theater Bar was Trummer's grand idea to create a Top Chef like experiences "with four to five bartenders, shaking, mixing and squeezing." But the place never really seemed to steady on its feet, and began using restaurant pop ups inside as a way to draw business. But Trummer's cocktail dreams turned into a nightmare at the end of the last year, and he is now without his original home at Apotheke and his modern vision of a what a cocktail bar should be all about. In the meantime, Trummer has become a professor of sorts at the Albert Trummer School Of Cocktail Artistry And Mixology, where you too can learn how to make delicious cocktails like Trummer.

A rep for Albert Trummer confirms that Theater Bar is officially done, saying "After a year of performance art such as elephants, horses and tigers meeting cocktail art, unfortunately there are issues with this location in TriBeCa. We will keep you posted.

In the meantime, Albert Trummer’s first medicinal cocktail book won Best in The World for Health and Drinks at the Paris Gourmand Cookbook awards this month."
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Theater Bar

114 Franklin St., New York, NY