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Comparing the Insta-Hyperbole of Atera and The NoMad

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The NoMad, via Krieger, and Atera

Atera is a small chef's counter in Tribeca helmed by Portland import Matthew Lightner. It serves a $150-a-head tasting menu of foraged/modernist fare. And according to at least one person that went to a free tasting, it is "clearly the best restaurant that has opened in NYC in years."

The NoMad is chef Daniel Humm and GM Will Guidara's follow up to fine dining restaurant Eleven Madison Park. It's covered in red furnishings and serves a $125 tasting menu, $72 chicken, $22 carrots, and bottle service. According to Chowhounders, some who attended friends and family and some who stopped in last night, the place is "phenomenal."

Per the internet, they are the best restaurants to ever open in New York. But which has attracted the more impressive hyperbole?

First up, Atera. Per friend of the house Steven Plotnicki, "...for those of you who are fans of Modernist cuisine, it is easily the best place in the city to experience the genre, and there is a good argument to make that it is only a matter of time until in becomes the best in the country...Having just returned from a whirlwind tour of Europe where I had the privilege of sampling the cooking of great young chefs like In de Wulf’s Kobe Desramaults and Agape Substance’s Davd Toutain, I can honestly say that my meal at Atera, while not quite as polished, was in the same league"

And someone who calls themselves The Skinny Bib writes of a dish: "One of the most beautiful things I've seen on a plate."

Pretty impressive. How does The NoMad stack up? Says one early diner, "This will be THE place to go when your are looking for fantastic food in a somewhat casual environment." And another, "First off: the FLATBREAD! Fresh, warm and loaded with onions. I love a good complimentary bread and this one was one of the best I've ever had...For our mains, we split the pig (unreal, definitely a must order) and the carrots. The roasted carrots reminded me of the carrots in the salad at ABC Kitchen in the best possible way...Service was fantastic, food was as amazing as I had hoped."

And here comes the final word from a freeloader from Yelp: "The food is so mind blowing that I wanted to die in my seat. Please do not miss out on the egg with asparagus and toasted quinoa. It is one of the most memorable dishes of my life."
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