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The Best Five Shills for Empire Steakhouse

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Those who have yet to check out Friday's open thread (Topic: Which restaurant is the best to its regulars) are missing out on a rather epic and amusing stream of shills for Midtown's Empire Steakhouse, a restaurant with an enthusiastic group of friends and fans. Legitimate suggestions for accommodating restaurants are still being accepted in the tipline and in the comments, but for now, sit back, relax, and peruse the top five shills from that thread (many of which were ripped from Empire's filtered review page on Yelp), in order.

1) Empire Steak House treats me like a king !! i get a personal reception from Jeff the owner, and the waiters / bartenders are always, always responsive to me. i love the food!!! at the end of the day, it;s my favourite steak house bar none ( and yes i include you know who in brooklyn )

2) I'm sorry, did someone ask "who's best to their regulars"? You can thank me later because I'm here to give you the answer. Empire Steak House (36 W. 52nd Street) are not only the "best to their regulars", they're the best to anyone who walks through their doors. Come on, you can go home and make your own steak and at the moment, it's a tasty steak. Like most, when I dine out, I'm looking for the ultimate dining experience and that's what you receive when you enter Empire. The food is delicious and the staff lead by Jeff, Jack, Nick, Nino and the rest of the crew take the whole dining experience to another level. We've arrived, you can thank me now! Enjoy -- Frances C.

3) If there is a restaurant where service has been always impeccable, the waiters have been always on time and the food is exceptionally good is Empire Steakhouse. The Restaurant owned by, now, my friends the Sinanaj's has always been a place to gather with friends and have lots of fun while having a great meal but it has become more than that now. Once we go in they immediately recognize us, treat us like friends and, most important, they make us feel good we came. They have other restaurants (who can forget Ben and Jack’s Steakhouse on 44th and their location on 5th Avenue) and the food is as good but Empire has a cozier feel that makes you want to stay. To everyone there (Jeff, Nick, Jack and the team) I tip my hat as you will always have me there to enjoy a very good time.

4) I am from out of town (California), and we were looking for a great local steak house, not the over priced "Chains". They got us in right on time, even a little early. There was a slight collision upstairs and food came flying down, no one was hit, the manager ran over to us to make sure we were okay!! We were comped drinks, and dessert for our children. The steak was AMAZING; it was cooked over a grill not in a water bath!!! The Sea Bass was Perfect, tender and flaky!! The staff was attentive, knowledgeable, but most of all FUN!!! so many times, in these upscale restaurants, the staff can be so uptight...NOT HERE. This is an amazing restaurant, with amazing food and a staff who knows their job!!! I hope you ENJOY!!

5) I've been to every single steakhouse in the city. Empire Steak House is as good as it gets for real. The service is impeccable. The steaks deliciously seasoned and very large. The fried calamari appetizer is delicious and easily shared by two. My partner got shrimp scampi which was delicious and stunning to look at. Cream spinach was delicious. I"m sure the desserts would have been good if we could have fit any of them down. Maybe next time. Don't miss this place.
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Empire Steakhouse

36 W 52nd St., New York, NY