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Dance Parties at DeKalb Market; Pelaccio's Cookbook

ASPEN— The 30th Annual Food & Wine Classic in Aspen takes place June 15-17, 2012, and to celebrate the milestone there are a bunch of new events. It includes Last Bite, a late-night dessert party hosted by Gail Simmons, featuring star pastry chef Johnny Izzuni; A special anniversary concert with TBD talent; A 5K Charity Run hosted by Bobby Flay (watch chefs collapse in the altitude); and a 30th anniversary fireworks display. [Eater National]

DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN— The folks behind Robicelli's write that when the DeKalb Market reopens for the season, there will be square dances, lobster boils from the Red Hook Lobster Pound, Sunday afternoon dance parties, and roller derbies. And on opening weekend, the cupcake vendor will offer their #1 best seller, the Chicken 'n' Waffle cupcake. [Robicelli's; previously]

LOWER EAST SIDEThe Doughnut Plant finished its expansion, doubling its footprint on Grand Street. The wait isn't any different but there are now tables inside. [BB]

COOKBOOKS— Eater National previews chef Zak Pelaccio's new cookbook Eat With Your Hands. The book clearly aims for a sort of rock 'n roll vibe, most notably in a recipe for whole hog that calls for, among other things, two bottles of the hard-to-get Pappy Van Winkle bourbon, a couple joints, and an 8-ball. Click through to see. [Eater National]

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