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Kate's Joint Might Add Meat to the Menu to Stay Afloat

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Today, the Wall Street Journal reports on the problems facing East Village vegetarian stand-by Kate's Joint. Owner Kate Halpern recently started an online fundraising campaign to help keep her business alive — she's trying to get $30,000 in loans and donations to pay off bills and back rent. But now it seems that she might consider tweaking her business plan by serving meat along with all those veggies to appeal to a broader customer base.

Halpern, who is not a vegetarian, says that she might add things like burgers and a lean beef entree to the menu, but to do this, she's going to need to build another kitchen facility so that they could cook the meat and the vegetarian food in two separate spaces. Of course, that sort of renovation will cost even more money, so who knows when they'll be able to make those changes. These days, Kate's is one of just a handful of all-vegetarian restaurants left in the East Village.
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Kate's Joint

58 Avenue B, New York, NY

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