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Meet 19-Year-Old Truffle Pusher Ian Purkayastha

Today, Yahoo News profiles Ian Purkayastha, the 19-year-old kid from Hoboken who sells thousands and thousands of dollars of imported black truffles to some of New York's hottest restaurants every day. As a lead sales rep for P.A.Q., an importing company, Ian makes the rounds to the restaurants, but he also manages three other truffle peddlers across the country, and he attends trade shows and industry events. Quite impressive for someone who was born in the early '90s.

Ian explains, "I had truffles for the first time at a restaurant — it was black truffle ravioli in a foie gras sauce, and after that first bite I just became hooked on truffles." This was four years ago, when he was 15. After getting turned on to truffles, he bought a box from France and drove around NYC with his mom, trying to unload them on chefs. He then started his own business, and he was eventually hired by P.A.Q. The teen notes, "It sounds cliche and corny, but I had a dream, and I made it happen by working hard. It happened, it came true."
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